Fall-Inspired Colors 2016

When deciding your next project color, experts agree to go with light and neutral colors.

For the fall season, experts agree to go for a color that tends to lift the spirits.  They suggest to steer away from warm cozy colors but rather be inspired by colors that make a tiny room feel larger, without the time and expense of moving walls.  The paint color you choose as well as furniture and accessories will help you create the mood.

Today, color is all around us, but for many years it didn’t play an important role in people’s lives, now we see people love, embrace and evaluate the color and scheme that corresponds to making them feel good.

Most colors work for most house designs, don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative.  A beautiful “Oyster Bay” by Sherwin Williams 6206  (picture above), gives a fresh and serene touch.  While a “Stonington Gray” Benjamin Moore HC-170 can make your space feel modern yet elegant.


Choosing your next color can feel overwhelming, but there are design tools and paint collections at most paint stores that can help you create a perfect room.

Don’t be afraid to play and experiment.  If you feel that you need some planning and expertise, we are here to help you make your home an expression of your lifestyle.

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