Why painting your house exterior in the spring should be first on your to-do list

The snow is gone (at least in most parts of the United States), the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming, that only means that spring is officially here.  It’s time to clean things up, work in the garden, and make needed changes to both the home and its surroundings.  Assuming that your exterior paint is failing, it’s best to focus on that first.

There are a number of good reasons to paint your house exterior soon.  First of all, the weather is most comfortable now. Second, it’s more practical to paint before putting down your mulch, your plants and overall just working on your garden, which will just get trampled if you paint later on.  Finally, why not get your painting done before more pleasant distractions like vacations, sports, and barbecues interfere.

We all know your home is your biggest asset, therefore it should not be pushed to the back burner.  If it has been a while since your house exterior has been painted, you’re taking a chance by postponing repainting.

Exposed wood can begin to get rotten if it is not taken care of; not to mention other potential problems that may arise when your paint starts to wear off.  With any type of home exterior, if you wait too long and you are taking the risk of paying for expensive repairs or replacement, and don’t forget to include your repaint.

Another reason that most homeowners are not aware of.   Exterior latex paint forms the toughest, most durable, protective finish when the weather is just right, not too cold like February and not too hot like June, which leaves us just a few months to get the job done, like it is now.  By painting in spring temperatures, odds are you will get a longer-lasting paint job.

Always be sure to use quality exterior paint, they run more expensive than those found at home improvement stores, but they are more durable and colorfast compared to ordinary paints.  Quality paints can last up to ten years compared to ordinary paints, which often provide three to four years of service.  It’s one of the best ways to keep from having to paint your exterior anytime soon.

Ask your local paint store representative for the very highest quality 100% acrylic latex paint.  If the job is something you are not sure you can do on your own, you can also request your paint store representative to refer you to a licensed painting contractor.  If you live in the Charlotte, NC  area, give us a call, Acropolis Painting, Inc. can help! We are experts in paint, it’s not just about spreading that paint and changing the look of a place. We listen to your needs, offer professional service and guarantee our jobs.

Call us if you would like to receive a free estimate or check our website at http://www.acropolispainting.com to get more information.